Dymotek Blog on its way! Stay tuned!

logo.pngWith 2013 over and 2014 staring us in the face, we at Dymotek have decided to take on some new initiatives, including becoming more connected with the public through different online channels.  We find it a necessity to connect with employees, locals, others in our trade and anyone who’d like to learn about the ins and outs of injection plastic and silicone molding.  With this new initiative, we have created a blog, along with other social media sites, and will be updating them frequently. This blog will be populated bi-weekly to start. The contributors will be employees and they will cover a wide variety of topics. Each post will be accompanied by the author’s photo and a way for the readers to provide feedback or ask questions.

So, to start this off, how about a quick history? Dymotek is an injection molding company that was established in 1990 by two Ellington natives.  Through the years Dymotek has thrived with help from an expertise in silicone molding and the addition of cutting edge automation systems to the manufacturing floor. A company that started in a basement now occupies  35,000 square feet, employs more than 100 people, and is adding a second 40,000 square foot facility in 2014.  Keep up with our blog to learn all about out 2014 endeavors, including moving into a second facility, new projects and technologies, and a growing Dymotek family.

What you can expect to read about in future blog posts:

  • Dymotek
    • Initiatives
    • Informative posts
    • Employee highlights
    • Employee feature pieces
    • Happenings in the Company
  • Engineering News
  • Stories local to Ellington, CT
  • Manufacturing & Manufacturing Technology news
  • News in Plastic and Silicone Molding
  • Anything any of our contributors find interesting, intellectually stimulating or funny.

Expect our next post to go live 2/3/2014!

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