Worldwide Molder with World Class Partners

By: John Moutafis- VP of Engineering

In order to thrive in today’s global economy, a world class injection molding company needs world class partners. This is something we strongly believe in at Dymotek. One of the ingredients in our recipe for success is to seek out, and partner with the world’s best. Working with the best sometimes means working with people that live halfway around the world and speak a different native language. The common theme that ties us together is a desire for excellence.

Choosing this path is not an easy one, with obstacles including language barriers and travel commitments. So, why do it?

As a business, Dymotek focuses on silicone molding and two shot molding, our core competencies. Focusing on our core competencies makes us experts in these fields. When we partner our skills with experts in other fields, the collaboration creates a team that can do amazing things. Working together, we are able to take on tough challenges and create innovative solutions. It requires a lot of work, a committed organization, and most of all, dedicated people.

Companies we partner with such as Arburg, Elmet, Albright Technologies and Wacker (just to name a few) are all considered extensions of our Dymotek team and a reflection of who we are as a company. We at Dymotek have come to realize that to expect world class results you have to partner with world class companies. It’s not always easy, but the results speak for themselves.

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