Engineering at Dymotek

By: Rob Theriaque- Project Engineer

Dymotek practices a six point service philosophy designed to provide World Class experiences to our customers. Three of those six points deal with researching, experimenting, and implementing new technologies. As an engineer, this is part of what makes it truly special to go to work every day. I’m approaching my seventh anniversary at the company. Over that period, we’ve grown from a group of highly capable thermoplastic injection molders to a team of technically outstanding engineers. We manufacture components with incredible complexity and reliably deliver them to our customers.

The management team here takes every opportunity to empower the employees to seek out the newest and best technology in the industry. We visit, and often exhibit at, NPE, the K-Show, and industry seminars around the globe. Better still, we’re encouraged to bring the technology back to Ellington (and soon, Somers!) and implement the latest in injection molding.

While this is a wonderful incentive for an engineer, this policy enables us to take our customer experience to the next level. Customers seeking out custom manufacturers typically have a problem they need solved. Very rarely does a fully realized concept requiring only tooling and production cross my desk. Whether it’s a material specification, geometry modifications, or the definition of secondary operations and automation, we excel at engineering solutions with a technological approach.

Dymotek engineers aren’t alone in the benefits of this global outreach. Why not take our customers to the source? Dymotek has traveled worldwide with prospective customers to make introductions to the industry leaders. In some cases this is to set up a production cell on an awarded contract. In others it’s to spark the imagination on what is possible. In this way, we’re enabling future product designs to take advantage of the latest production techniques.

A personal favorite of mine is a customer that has a working prototype. Often, these prototypes are fantastically engineered and functional products, but aren’t fully considered from a mass production standpoint. Working directly with the design engineers, we’re able to take the prototype concept and successfully create a process to manufacture units in the millions.

As you walk our production floor, you see example after example of products that have been re-engineered for part performance, cost reduction, and manufacturability. Other products have been developed from the ground up to take advantage of the latest thinking in the industry. I’m very proud to have had a hand in many amazing program launches that have quite literally transformed Dymotek into a technological leader in custom manufacturing.

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