Field Trip

By: Chris LaBranche- Tooling Technician

Like many people, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do after I graduated from high school.  It wasn’t until I went on a field trip to a manufacturing career fair that I decided to enroll in the Manufacturing Technology program at Asnuntuk Community College in Enfield, CT.  Once I started my classes, my career path began to form.

After graduation from High School, I began studying to become a Machinist at Asnuntuk.  Shortly after classes began, I was placed at Dymotek for my internship.  This meant I spent every Monday through Wednesday at Asnuntuk doing course work and spent every Thursday and Friday at Dymotek completing my internship hours.

My job at Dymotek was to shadow the Tooling Manager, who is responsible for all maintenance and repair of the injection molds used in manufacturing. I didn’t know anything about Plastic Injection Molding and was curious how I was going to fit in to the Dymotek environment. As it turned out, there was a place for me and it was doing something I enjoyed. Since starting at Dymotek, I have learned a lot about molds for both thermoplastics and thermosets, mold maintenance and repair, molding machines and manufacturing in general.  I couldn’t be happier with where Asnuntuk placed me for my internship. In just one year, I have come a long way and have been provided great opportunities by Dymotek.

One thing I was lucky enough to experience happened just recently.  In March of 2014 Dymotek asked if I would like to go on a trip to Germany and Austria to attend Arburg Tech Days and visit one of our mold builders, Elmet.  As a 19 year old who started as an intern at Dymotek just one year ago, my mind was blown.  I could not believe the opportunity presented to me.  Of course, I said yes!

While in Germany and Austria I was introduced to two experts in the molding business, Arburg and Elmet. When visiting the two facilities I was amazed by the state-of- the-art technology both companies utilized. The amount of combined knowledge these two companies have for traditional thermoplastic injection molding, silicone molding and two shot molding is incredible. Dymotek has very close working relationships with these two companies, all three companies helping one another to further business, knowledge and become experts in the fields of Liquid Injection Molding (LIM) and Two shot molding.

The trip was an experience I will not soon forget. Not only did I get to see Germany and Austria, but I learned a lot about the field in which I am now employed.  I was also able to network with companies that, along with Dymotek, are subject matter experts in the Silicone and Plastic molding arena. Dymotek has invested a lot into me and their eagerness to help me grow as an employee is apparent.  I truly enjoy coming to work every day with the Dymotek family, I couldn’t imagine working anywhere else and I thank both Asnuntuk and Dymotek for that.

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