Engaged Employees at Dymotek

By: Frank Fasano- Director of Engineering and Quality

First and foremost, it is important to understand that at Dymotek, it is ALWAYS the right moment to work on employee engagement.  Our employees are the glue that holds the company together and the force that pushes the company forward.  We recognize the importance of happy and engaged employees, which it why employee engagement is always at the forefront.

I imagine that almost everyone reading this has heard the quote “Never let a good crisis go to waste”- or something to that effect.

Essentially, that quote is a reminder to not trudge through a crisis with your head down and blinders on.  Keep your head up and your eyes open to the growth opportunities that are presented in the face of a negative event.  A crisis offers a chance to see things differently, a perfect occasion to do things you never thought you could and the right time to respond creatively to the situation at hand.  Crisis often inspires out of the box thinking and leaves you with lessons learned.  It’s all about the silver linings!

At Dymotek, we try to apply this philosophy to any crisis-like situation we may encounter, no matter the size.  Everything is a learning prospect and an opportunity for employee engagement.  But what about the other side of this?

At Dymotek, we also make sure that no success goes unnoticed or uncelebrated. We experience a multiplier effect on employee engagement during a win. A win is also a chance to see things differently, the perfect occasion to record what went right and how we can keep it happening.  Please remember, “Never let a win go to waste.”  Instead of silver linings, you can make gold when you capitalize on a win!

In manufacturing, an environment that is often high stress and fast paced, it is important to recognize every win to keep employees’ morale high. When the morale is high due to a win, the situation can be used as a springboard to bigger and better things.

An example of how we implement celebration into a daily meeting is our “Moment of Gratitude”, which ends every morning production meeting. The morning meeting is held to discuss the upcoming day’s task list, often full of challenges.  The key players gather and come up with a plan to make sure that day is a success.  However, in this meeting, it was rare that we celebrated the previous days’ (or weeks’, or months’) successes, so we instituted the “Moment of Gratitude” as a meeting wrap.  This is a step we take with the intent that attendees leave on a high note.  There may be a day of challenges ahead, but with the confidence of previous success, everyone hits the ground running.

The world of manufacturing, similar to many other industries, has its highs and lows.  Again, it is vital to keep employee engagement high to make sure that everyone can get the most positive out of any situation.  Dymotek does a lot of external things to help support employee engagement, satisfaction and morale, but these things come from when employees feel they are winning, the company is being successful and they are an integral part of the business.


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